Welcome to Inn Christian Ministries

Welcome to Inn Christian Ministries – Serving the body of Christ locally, nationally and internationally.

Inn Christian Ministries was founded in 1991 by Peter Marchand.

Peter’s vision was to fulfil the three ‘GOs’ of Jesus – to preach the Gospel, teach disciples and help the needy neighbour. This has been Inn’s activity over the last 30 years, building long-term relationships within the Body of Christ and undertaking pioneering joint-ventures both home and abroad.

Peter went to be with the Lord in September 2018, but Inn has continued to support widows and orphans, and to help with the organisation of local joint evangelistic initiatives.

Currently, most of our activity is in helping local church events and initiatives. Over the years, we have been involved in working with believers around the world, particularly in supporting their work in evangelism, education and care, especially through the provision of relief and sponsorship made possible through the generosity of our faithful supporters.

Working with your and our international partners, responding to the Covid Crisis

We have been able to send support to our contacts in Uganda and India where there is no government support for those who are unable to earn and social-distancing is almost impossible. We also supported an initiative of King’s Church Gillingham who sent relief to Ghana through a contact of James and Sandra. Any donations made specifically for this will be passed on.

You can see some of the ways your help was received in the gallery below

From our partners in Uganda:

“One family we gave said they had prayed that morning for God to feed them as they had nothing in the house and the kids were just crying and at 2pm I gave them the food which they want to cook right a way.

God had answered his prayers.”

Thank you for your support that enables Inn to be able to respond swiftly by working alongside our partners and friends in these countries.

The Songs of Peter Marchand

Peter recorded 3 volumes of his songs. These are available to stream or download.

Please click here.

Inn Christian Ministries are pleased to support joint local church events and initiatives, such as

Saints Alive
Christmas Connect
Churches Together in Medway

Our involvement varies between events. Sometimes our role has been in the background, at other times it has been to take a lead. Our approach has always sought to build up and build on good relationships amongst church leaders, and to bring to the table what would otherwise be missing.