‘Faith in Action’

A short biography by Peter G. W. Marchand

‘Faith In Action’ is a short biography of Peter’s life, originally requested as a testimony tract by one of our mission partners. As such, it is written to sow and to stir faith by focusing on the faithfulness of God in Peter’s life. Punctuated with challenges to the reader to respond to God’s call which are accompanied by simple profound prayers, the reader not only follow’s Peter’s ‘adventures in Christ’, but can find their own as well.

“The life of faith is not for the faint-hearted. It takes courage to give oneself unreservedly to do God’s will and follow Him wherever he directs, especially when one has little or no visible means of financial support. The great commission given to the Church by Jesus and a passion to preach the gospel to the poor are the motivation that has spurred Peter Marchand on to do great things for and with God.”

Allan Smith, from the Foreword

How to obtain the book

The book can be obtained from Amazon, where a preview is available.

It is free to access on Kindle (e.g. via Amazon), or £4.80 to order by post.